Ludum Dare 46

I’ve heard of the Ludum Dare many times but this is my first time ever participating. I thought I’d spice things up by using an engine I’ve never used before. A week or so before the competition I heard of Pixel Vision 8 through some YouTube video. I decided that this was the engine I was going to use. It was quite the roller coaster to figure things out from scratch, but I’m really glad I saw it through to the end. I was so close to giving up near the beginning because nothing was working. What helped me was remembering a motivational image my cousin sent on our group that showed a diagram of effort. A person creates as much as the effort they’re willing to put in. They tend to give up when they see the first bits of effort go to waste. I thought to myself “maybe I’m still at this phase, let me keep trying and see what happens”. So I kept trying and eventually I got to a point where I felt comfortable using this engine. That was the point where things took off. I wanted to finish in time for the Compo (2 days), but I couldn’t and that’s fine. I was still able to make it in time for the Jam (3 days). With three hours left on the clock, I submitted my game. I’m proud to call myself a person who perseveres and I hope I will always have this drive to accomplish.

Link to the game:






2 responses to “Ludum Dare 46”

  1. Fawzi Avatar

    Learning a new engine/framework/language is not easy and requires a buttload of persistence. Awesome work!

    1. Oxters Avatar

      Thanks! <3